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Lenoir County Public Schools: About LCPS middle schools Banks, Woodington students compete at state science fair

Banks, Woodington students compete at state science fair

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Two students who took honors in county and regional science fairs represented LCPS in the recent North Carolina State Science and Engineering Fair in Raleigh.

Jenna Steele of Banks Elementary School and Brady Martin of Woodington Middle School took their projects to the state competition -- held April 1-2 at Meredith College -- after being named divisional winners at the Southest Region fair in Wilmington in February. Natalie Dail of Woodington was also invited to the state science fair but chose not to attend.jenna

Jeanna's project, "Growing Plants in Garbage," was one of 15 to receive an honor mention award at the state event; 80 students competed at the elementary level. She grew green beans in five different plant media -- potting soil, shredded paper, vacuum cleaner waste, fruit and vegetable scraps and a mixture of all of those -- and charted their growth in hopes of proving her hypothesis: that the plants would grow best in soil.

"I was wrong," she said. "They actually grew best in the shredded paper. Soil was next and then the vacuum cleaner contents." The green beans -- chosen "because I thought they'd grow faster," she said -- grew 14 centimeters in paper and 10 centimeters in soil.brady

Brady's project, "Let the Sun Shine to Power Your Ride," quantified the amount of energy collected by a solar-powered model car under different lighting conditions. "I used a stop watch. I measured it and wrote down the speed, the distance and how fast it went," he said. Brady received a medal of participation at the state level.