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Lenoir County Public Schools: About LCPS middle schools Seventh grader on 'familiar' ground with spelling bee win

Seventh grader on 'familiar' ground with spelling bee win

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Winning the LCPS Spelling Bee wasn’t a certainty for Reygan Dawson – she went up against tough competition – but it does seem like victory was in the cards.

The word she spelled correctly to set up the win – “easel” – was familiar to her. She won the county bee four years ago on that word. Tuesday night, she won the county bee again by spelling the word the final word, “familiar.”reyganalone

Eleven school representatives started the contest but it came down to Reygan, from Woodington Middle School, and Grant Haze of Northwest Elementary School. They dueled for a half-dozen words before Grant got his “l” before his “e.”

“He was good. He went on and on and on,” Reygan said. “When he misspelled easel, I kind of got excited because I know how to spell that. I was like, the next word can’t be too difficult.”

The seventh grader is nonchalant about her spelling talent. “I study some words sometime, words I need,” she said. “I don’t have a problem with it. I like to spell.”

Chasity Uribe of Moss Hill Elementary finished third.

Other contestants were: Susannah Swindell of Banks Elementary, Hannah Vann (elementary) and Tomir Moore (middle) of Contentnea-Savannah K-8 School, Ashton Hoffman of Frink Middle, Daniel Simmons of La Grange Elementary, Jordan Middleton of Northeast Elementary, Zitlaly Resendiz Cornejo of Pink Hill Elementary, Jovante Coward of Southeast Elementary and Dakota Tyndall of Southwood Elementary.