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Lenoir County Public Schools: Staff Departments Testing and Accountability

Testing and Accountability

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2010-2011 Testing Results for Lenoir County Public Schools

ABCs of Public Education

In order to meet the requirements of the ABCs testing program in North Carolina, schools are held accountable for the percentage of students performing at or above grade level (Achievement Level III) and for the individual growth that students achieve during a school year.

According to the testing results, 10 of 17 schools in Lenoir County met at least Expected Growth during the 2010-2011 school year. High Growth was achieved by 4 of those schools. Additionally, 8 schools showed positive gains on their Performance Composite.

Highlights include:

  • As a district, Lenoir County met Expected Growth on End of Grade Assessments
  • As a district, Lenoir County met Expected Growth when End of Grade
  • Assessments and End of Course Assessments were combined
  • Overall school growth – 10 of 17 schools met Expected Growth with 4 schools meeting High Growth
  • Reading Growth – 10 of 12 schools met Expected Growth with 2 schools making High Growth
  • Math Growth – 8 of 12 schools met Expected Growth with 6 schools making High Growth
  • Composite scores – Composite scores increased in 8 of 17 schools
  • Cohort graduation rate increased in all high schools with the overall district rate showing an increase of 2.7%

Adequate Yearly Progress

AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) is a measure required under the federal No Child Left Behind law. To make AYP, a school must meet 100% of the performance targets for each subgroup in the school. If just one target is not met, the school does not make AYP for that year. New AYP proficiency targets for meeting annual measurable objectives were implemented in 2010-2011 for grades 3-8 reading (71.6%), grades 3-8 mathematics (88.6%), grade 10 reading/language arts (69.3%), and grade 10 mathematics (84.2%). These increases in proficiency targets dramatically impacted our schools’ ability to meet AYP.

In order to qualify as a subgroup, there must be at least 40 students identified in a specific category. There are 10 possible subgroups which include: All students, White, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Two or More Races, Limited English Proficiency, Economically Disadvantaged, and Students with Disabilities. Schools must also test at least 95% of the students in each subgroup in order to make AYP.

The 2010-2011 AYP results in Lenoir County show that three schools made AYP by meeting 100% of their target goals.

ABC Results:

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2011 ABCs and AYP Results:

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