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Employee Dress Code

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Employee Dress Code

The lenoir county public schools employee dress code can be found in the online policy manual by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  1. Can tennis shoes be worn?
    Yes.  Tennis shoes may be worn.  They should be clean and without need of repair.
  2. Can sandals be worn?
    Yes.  Sandals and strapless shoes may be worn.  Footwear that is designed for beachwear/casual wear is not allowed.
  3. Can jeans be worn?
    No.  Jeans are not allowed in the professional dress code.
  4. Can denim be worn?
    Yes.  Denim may be worn. (skirts, dresses, jackets, shirts)
  5. Can sleeveless garments be worn?
    Yes/No.  Sleeveless shirts and blouses cannot be worn unless there is a covering.  Sleeveless shirts and blouses cannot be worn without that covering.
  6. Can tattoos be visible?
    As long as they are not vulgar or obscene, tattoos are allowed.
  7. What is meant by non-functional holes?
    The intent of this statement in the policy is to prohibit clothing that appears ragged and exposes the skin; such as designer jeans that have holes in the legs or shirts that have slits exposing the chest area.  Sweaters and similar garments with small decorative holes are allowed.